The Merkaba

Magickal Membership Workshop

We will explore some little-known powers of the Merkaba. When used right, it can take you beyond time and space. A very useful practical application of this is that you can take your problems beyond time and space and leave them there. As they are dispersed into the unmanifest, they vanish from your life forever. A powerful meditation is included.

An introduction to my workshop

Hello. I'm Peter Aziz. I'm here to introduce my upcoming workshop on the Merkaba. Merkaba comes from three Egyptian words Mer-Ka-Ba which means Light-Spirit-Body. Most people know of it as its shape - the double tetrahedron. But knowing that, what do you do about it? This workshop is a very practical one where we actually learn to use this in various ways.

So what does it do? Well, first of all, we're going to use it to take you beyond time and space. First of all this is expansive, not being trapped in time and space and more gives your Spirit a chance to expand and learn higher truths. But also a very practical use of this is that you can actually leave things behind there. You can go beyond time and space, leave all your problems behind, all your doubts and fears, any negative patterns you have, they're scattered into infinity and you come back without them. This is a very powerful and potent and easy transformation tool.

So in this workshop you're going to be learning these practical methods of working with the Merkaba. I'll be taking you through meditations to do these very things. Also I'm going to be adding a 24 -dimensional Spirit Body activation. Now this is way beyond what I've spoken before about in the higher dimensions. Jumping up 24 dimensions is a big step and at this point you probably don't understand what these dimensions are but that's OK, it'll loosen you up, make you more able to accept miracles into your life, because this work is getting miraculous.

If you're ready to open up and use the Merkaba in these magical ways and really make a difference to your life, this is the workshop for you. So press the button. I'll see you there.

This workshop is part of my Magickal Membership series - live online workshops in practical magick which I offer each season (approximately every 6 weeks) - which you can join here for $25pm.

Your Instructor

Peter Aziz
Peter Aziz

I am Peter Aziz, a healer, magician, and hereditary shaman. I have spent my whole life training in shamanism, healing, yoga, magick, and metaphysics, and learning from the faery kingdom.

I have dedicated myself to bringing the ancient wisdom to the public, to help all spiritual seekers to further themselves, and to healing the impossible. I run workshops on healing, magick and shamanism, where I initiate my students into these powerful traditions.

In my healing practice, I combine many of these techniques, specializing in the most difficult cases that have not been able to find relief anywhere else.

My mission is to make the greatest magickal secrets from all over the World available to all seekers, and to expand the possibilities of what can be healed. The shamanic traditions which I draw from include Kahuna, Pueblo Indian, Vedic, Dragon & Faery Magick, Vodou, Javanese, Atlantean, Egyptian Magick and more.

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Student Feedback from Previous Magickal Membership Workshops

Finding Your Soul Purpose

"It was incredible, and thank you for giving me a hot seat. It all makes sense now - and I can understand why I'm not doing what's needed - taking the rest of the day to integrate it all, and looking forward to watching the replay, as I'm sure I'll learn even more." Katie, 52

"I learnt so much from attending Peter’s 'Finding Your Soul Purpose’ workshop. I got to be coached on the call, as I booked a hot seat in advance. The meditation that Peter took us through was incredibly helpful. However the hot seat coaching was the best part as I got a deeper understanding of my talents and gifts, plus I got insights into how to use a Rune that Peter recommend I use and how to use my gifts in a practical way. The very next morning I put my knew knowledge into use. I highly recommend these workshops." Gayatri Robertson

Student Feedback from Previous Live Webinars

"I have listened to the public and private Q&A calls with Peter Aziz for over a year and I am truly amazed the level of wisdom he manages to pack into these calls. There is very valuable information you will not find anywhere else. I always feel very calm and centered after these calls and full of hope and possibility." Lynn Marie, USA

"As soon as I start listening to Peter during the Q&A calls I feel fixities that have built up in my mind begin to dissolve: Space is brought in, Possibility, I feel more centred, plus inspired; his insights are amazing and he is so generous in sharing his knowledge of working with the subtle." Veronica R, 69, Retired, England

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the workshop start and finish?
This workshop will take place live on Zoom on Sunday, 2 June 2024 at 11.30 am UK time (BST) and will last 90 minutes to 2 hours. Zoom access details will be emailed after purchase. The recording and a PDF handout will be available within 48 hours of the call.
How long do I have access to the workshop?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this workshop recording and supplemental materials for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
How can I ask questions?
Questions may be submitted in advance to [email protected], asked during the live call or posted as a comment after the recording.

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