Possession - Prevention and Cure

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This is another popular request. I will be teaching methods for exorcising negative entities, as well as setting up protection against further invasions, including how to keep sealed against them when drinking alcohol. Negative entities can block a person’s healing and even stop them from coming for healing. I will teach you how to neutralise the entity from a distance so it doesn’t stop the client from getting to you. It includes a special talisman.

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Introduction to 'Possession - Prevention and Cure' workshop

Possession isn’t always as dramatic as you might see in films like ‘The Exorcist’. Often it manifests as simple negative thoughts in your mind which get amplified and keep causing problems. Thoughts which won’t go away and which become stronger and stronger - which then sabotage your life and you find things going wrong. It can cause you to lose energy, can’t sleep, have nightmares. So all these little symptoms, although not as dramatic, can cause problems. People through sleeplessness can lose energy and become ill. It can cause bad luck, failure at work. It can be a major problem.

What this course is going to be about is teaching people how to recognise it, how to prevent it, how to cure it. Not only for those who experience it, but also for healers who deal with it in others. You see, quite often when a healer is dealing with somebody who is possessed, the person’s entity might stop them from coming to you in the first place so they never actually get there for healing.

I’m going to be teaching you a way of neutralising this entity from a distance so it can’t cause that trouble, so they can come and get it finally removed. I’ll be giving some powerful symbols and instructions to neutralise entities from a distance, controlling them, also how to remove them. I’m also going to talk about what lets them in. What are the weaknesses that open people to possession? I’m going to have some methods of protecting yourself; also how to cut ties to the patient so you don’t pick up their negativity. And we’re going to do some magickal techniques from very deep and ancient traditions which will enable you to control any kind of entity no matter how powerful.

So for anybody who has experienced any problem with a possession or healers who want to deal with other people who have possessions, this is for you so I’ll see you there.

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Your Instructor

Peter Aziz
Peter Aziz

I am Peter Aziz, a healer, magician, and hereditary shaman. I have spent my whole life training in shamanism, healing, yoga, magick, and metaphysics, and learning from the faery kingdom.

I have dedicated myself to bringing the ancient wisdom to the public, to help all spiritual seekers to further themselves, and to healing the impossible. I run workshops on healing, magick and shamanism, where I initiate my students into these powerful traditions.

In my healing practice, I combine many of these techniques, specializing in the most difficult cases that have not been able to find relief anywhere else.

My mission is to make the greatest magickal secrets from all over the World available to all seekers, and to expand the possibilities of what can be healed. The shamanic traditions which I draw from include Kahuna, Pueblo Indian, Vedic, Dragon & Faery Magick, Vodou, Javanese, Atlantean, Egyptian Magick and more.

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Student Feedback from Previous Live Webinars

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the workshop start and finish?
This workshop will take place live on Zoom on Saturday, 3 September 2022 at 11.30 am UK time (GMT) and will last approximately 2 hours. Zoom access details will be emailed after purchase. The recording and a PDF handout will be available within 48 hours of the call.
How long do I have access to the workshop?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this workshop recording and supplemental materials for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
How can I ask questions?
Questions may be submitted in advance to [email protected], asked during the live call or posted as a comment after the recording.

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