Ultimate Healing Part 1 - Self Healing

Learn and experience the core principles of emotional healing, empowerment, dis-creating unwanted situations and manifesting your dreams. A prerequisite to the Ultimate Healing Part 2 with Upgraded Body Electronics Online or In-person

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Are you desperate to get to the root cause of everything that's holding you back and release it?

Are you prepared to meet and embrace your shadow?

Do you realise that NOW is the time to recognise yourself as a sovereign being?

Are you ready to allow massive change in your life and the world around you?

If so, you have landed in the right place! This online course will take you where you need to go.


This is a very complete and in-depth healing course, which has all the material previously available only to participants of the previous Ultimate Healing Body Electronics Intensive except for the point holding. I created the course to give people the opportunity to explore, embed and embody the principles before getting into the physical release process. And, having been asked by many people how they could access these core teachings without attending an in-person intensive (e.g. because of family, money or travel considerations), I realised the need to make the teachings available to a wider audience. Particularly in these most 'interesting times' we are living in, we need as many of us as possible to learn how to move through our limitations and be effective in creating the future we want to experience.

This course has 8 modules, which guide you deeper into emotional healing, empowerment, dis-creating unwanted situations, and manifesting your dreams, with a number of recorded meditations in each module. It includes two levels of Candali attunement (a form of Kundalini Yoga which generates heat to power the process of change). Your journey through the modules will be supported with a pre-recorded webinar series where some of the information is covered in more detail and which includes questions and answers and sometimes participant hot seat coaching.

This is a stand alone course, as well as a prerequisite for the Ultimate Healing Part 2 Body electronics course (online or in-person). It’s called the Ultimate Healing Course because it can give you complete mastery on all levels. Totally heal and regenerate the body, change the most impossible situations, and manifest your dreams.

Body Electronics is a powerful method of sustained point holding, developed by Dr John Whitman Ray, largely influenced by Kahuna (Hawaiian shamanism) teaching. It is used to access memories stored in the body at the genetic level, and by releasing emotion and stored trauma, leads to the healing and regeneration of the body as well as inner transformation. The methods are based on a thorough scientific understanding of how thoughts and emotions are stored in the body, and how they affect our health and development.

Facing Personal and Global Crisis

My Ultimate Healing Course is designed to address the problems we are facing both personally and globally – problems and challenges that have reached an unprecedented level. The main technique used in the course was created to heal physical health problems but it goes far beyond that. In dealing with the cause of physical problems, we found we have to deal with various emotional issues such as problems with love, money, creating the reality you want, and also how to discreate the things in life you don't want. Currently, this has become far more important than ever, because what we're dealing with here is how to show that you are God, how to be in your power. There's so much in the world these days, that's taking power away from you, making you feel out of control, trying to bring you into slavery, giving you things you don't want, bringing you down all the time. And so, by contrast, if we're going to step into our power and be able to change, this is going to require more power than ever. This need to wake up is becoming very present.

Our Role as Creator

My work centres around our relationship as creator. Awareness does only three things – it creates, experiences, then discreates. When we first come out of Source as pure awareness before we actually form in individuality, our relationship to our creation is one of creator to creation. Once we become conditioned into the animal mind, it's one of creature to creation – we become the victim of that which we've created. You've heard many times before that we create our reality – we are responsible for it. Responsibility is the ability to respond – it teaches you how you can change your reality when you choose to. It puts the power back in your hands. You can look at the things you don't want, and by recognising the emotions inside yourself that hold your creation together, you can heal it all. When you learn to welcome and release your emotions, the situation that these emotions hold in place will change in your life. And then your body changes and heals too.

Body Electronics

The main healing modality used in the Ultimate Healing Course is based on a technique called Body Electronics – something I studied with John Ray in the 1980’s. It involves holding points on the body for several hours which triggers genetic memories, emotions, past thoughts and beliefs to rise to the surface so you can deal with them. It’s an intensely transformative process taking you beyond physical healing because every situation in your life is also a reflection of these patterns you hold inside yourself. See below for more on how the Body Electronics process works.

Changing Ourselves, Our Families and the World Around Us

Our body is only one of our creations. Everything around us is being held together by our consciousness. The people around you are affected by your thoughts about them and how you respond to them. When you deal with these thought patterns, you can change your money, love life, health – your whole world. It also has a ripple effect on those around you. Through this effect which we call morphogenetic resonance, people who have the same genes will change when you change because they resonate. In this course, you go through healing crisis and change – so don’t be surprised afterwards if you find your whole family has changed as well. They've all risen in consciousness and released various emotions and become more enlightened.

And it’s not just family members who change – everybody around you who's close to you is also affected by you. Although we don't try to change people – we don't judge people or try to force anything – when you change yourself, you do change them all. So, your attitude towards those around you, your beliefs in them, to some degree will be holding them in place as they are now. When you recognise that you are creator and you see everybody else as God and this force of unconditional love and non-judgement is acting, everybody changes, everybody is more enlightened. In this work, you change yourself and you change your world. This is so important for this time when people are getting pulled down in fear and losing their power. When you are reminded that it is all your creation, you can change your health, your life, and go back to your dreams and create what you want. This is what the Ultimate Healing course can give you.

Manifestation and Discreation

In this course, I teach the art and science of manifestation, and equally important, I also teach you how to discreate what you don't want. Everything around you is created by your past – memories and thoughts are still holding situations in place because you haven't finished fully experiencing them – perhaps because they are too painful or uncomfortable. When you learn to welcome these feelings and release them, those unwanted situations in your life go, they change. The problem is, every time we try and create something new, it causes old creations to reassert themselves and this manifests as doubt which disable our ability to manifest. Before creating something new, we need to be able to discreate anything that is getting in the way.

This process of discreation is very simple but it takes a while to really get – that's why people need guidance. When you start to welcome your emotions rather than judge them, and you expand through your creation, recalling memories to a point where you see the whole thing from the outside – it's no longer you. You recognise this isn't me, it's my creation, and you let it go. With this, the whole situation in your life changes, the problems end and they don't come back. This is a process of permanent transformation in our health, our consciousness and in our life. It puts you back in a position of being creator, where you can then create the life you want and discreate all the things you don't want, both personally and globally. At this particular time in history, this is needed more than ever.

In Part 1 of the Ultimate Healing Course, we do everything except the point holding. You will learn to heal yourself very deeply, remove all kinds of emotional blocks, manifest your desires, dis-create situations you don’t want, and generally master your life. This is essential ground work if you choose to continue to the point holding in Part 2.

We look at:

  • How emotions affect your health
  • Releasing emotional blocks
  • Taking back lost power
  • Levels of healing
  • Dis-creation
  • Releasing past choices
  • Nutrition & healing crisis
  • Manifestation & future causality
  • Mastering ego & shadow
  • Healing physical ailments
  • Overcoming weapons of control & veils of perception
  • Candali initiations


  • Anyone looking to accelerate their spiritual development
  • Those who feel that metaphysics doesn’t work for them
  • Those who are tired of temporary results with problems returning
  • Those wanting to make a positive change in their life and the world
  • Those looking to heal from long term or even incurable illness or other physical conditions
  • Those who have tried countless other approaches but still can’t shift their deepest issues
  • Those wanting to manifest their dreams
  • Those wanting to remove problems from their lives
  • Anyone feeling disempowered, shamed or unable to forgive
  • Those prepared to embrace their shadow
  • Those wanting to step into their power and sovereignty
  • Anyone looking to add powerful healing techniques to their healing practice
  • Those new to shamanism and healing and those with experience
  • Anyone who is planning to participate for the first time in the Ultimate Healing Part 2 - Body Electronics Online or an In-person Intensive (when available)
  • Those who have previously participated in the Body Electronics Intensive and would like to deepen their knowledge and understanding (discounted access)


  • Release emotional blocks and limiting beliefs
  • Learn the fundamentals of manifestation
  • Learn how to work with the 7 levels of healing
  • Receive attunements to protect against negativity and disease and to release blocked emotions faster
  • Learn how to handle crisis
  • Recognise the waking up potential in negative states
  • Reclaim your power
  • Understand and eliminate shame
  • Learn keys to forgive yourself and others
  • Learn the process of dis-creating unwanted thoughts, emotions and experiences
  • Understand and make better choices
  • Discover your True Will
  • Learn how to use future causality to bring about desired change
  • Dissolve the myths that keep you playing small
  • Understand and embrace your shadow
  • Learn how to deal with trauma, habits and addictions
  • Understand how nutrition supports healing
  • Online private group and message access to me
  • Qualify to participate in the Ultimate Healing Intensive Part 2 (in-person Body Electronics)


This online course contains written teachings and exercises, audio guided meditations and attunements and a pre-recorded complementary webinar series which includes Questions and Answers and participant coaching Occasionally (where indicated in the text) empowerments are given via an orb which is sent out to you with the course. It is stored in an energy ball which will activate when you do the meditation. At the appropriate places in the course, you can stop and meditate and call in the empowerment, just by making an affirmation that you are doing so. Then just sit and meditate as the empowerment works on you. Some of the empowerments have mantras or prayers to recite, which can be done after the meditation.

It is important to go through the course in the order given as some of the earlier empowerments are prerequisites of empowerments later in the course.

There is also a private online MeWe group and message access to me where you can ask questions and share experiences.


MODULE 1 — Emotions and Health

In this module you will understand how emotions affect your health, and learn to release emotional blocks and start taking back lost power. You also receive the first Candali initiation.

  • How thoughts and emotions are stored as crystals in the DNA and how they can be released.
  • How initiations into candali (a type of kundalini energy which generates heat) helps this process.
  • Attunement to the violet flame of unconditional love.
  • The purpose and benefit of experiencing crisis
  • The four negative states that indicate four ways in which we can wake up
  • The seven levels of emotion as stored in the endocrine glands and how they can be released
  • Taking back stolen or lost power
  • Candali Attunement Level 1 - Baglamukhi Body Protector - keeps anything negative (including disease) from entering the body

MODULE 2 — Levels of Healing

In this module you will explore the different levels of healing, heal shame in a very deep and thorough way, and deal with jealousy, guilt and rage. You also receive the second Candali initiation.

  • Deeper dive into the dynamics of the seven levels of healing
  • Metaphysics of shame and how to remove it
  • Finding and forgiving the unforgivable in ourselves - without this we condemn ourselves to a life of mediocracy
  • 4 steps to making change
  • 7 steps of forgiveness
  • The ties that bind us - cutting aka cords
  • Self-pity and martyrdom - how to recognise and eradicate in ourselves and others
  • Finding and releasing our rage animal
  • Learning to set boundaries
  • Cranking up the candali energy to cleanse our body of negativity and disease and release blocked emotions faster
  • Understanding the 4 types of pain

MODULE 3 — Dis-creation, Beliefs & Choices

In this module you will master the process of dis-creating any situation you don't want. You will also learn to release past choices.

  • Working with the dis-creation process to dissolve any unwanted thoughts, emotions and experiences
  • Exploring the frontiers of the ‘unknown’
  • Examining your beliefs and learning how to make better choices at a profound level
  • Understanding the 3 dimensions of choice and journey to the Forbidden Zone to release past limiting choices
  • Working with pain, enthusiasm, Kundalini, and the pillars of Love and Will

MODULE 4 — Nutrition & The Healing Crisis

In this module you will learn all about nutrition and the healing crisis, to prepare you for physical healing and regeneration.

  • Discover the specific minerals and supplements essential to support transformational change in the body-mind.
  • Learn Nature’s secret that renders synthetic supplements ineffectual
  • The 3 types of enzymes
  • Understanding and assisting the healing crisis - emotional crisis, ego maturation and anchoring

MODULE 5 — Manifestation, Creation & Illusion and Future Causality

In this module you will master the art of manifesting your dreams more than ever before, while understanding future causality, and learning to work with your future as a potent tool of transformation and change.

  • Discover how long it takes to manifest something
  • Learn how building expectation is key to successful manifesting
  • Goals and co-creation with our Higher Self
  • Recognise and heal what stops the manifestation process
  • Using the Sirian Triangle meditation to help dis-create undesired situations
  • The role of vulnerability in the process of change
  • Important refinements when working with affirmations
  • Understand and use resonance rather than force to change your life
  • Understanding future causality
  • Using the Self-Reflection process to discover your true will
  • Weeding and Cultivating Futures meditation to bring about desired change

MODULE 6 — Myths, Ego, Shadow & Dual Creations

In this module you will expand your expertise at creating and dis-creating, deal with more complicated and stubborn problems, and learn to master ego and Shadow.

  • Understanding the 3 aspects of pure awareness - the key to everything!
  • Dis-creating limitations to manifestation
  • Journey to the Creator to dis-create the myths of original sin, eternal punishment, mortality, armageddon and entropy/decay
  • Understanding and maturing the ego
  • Embracing Shadow to access our untapped potential
  • Working with stubborn issues — discovering and dis-creating dual creations
  • The process of expansion — layers of unknown and humility to accept the new

MODULE 7 — Healing and Point Holding

In this module you will gain confidence in healing physical ailments, such as physical distortions and pains.

  • The problem of making things too real
  • A simple exercise to change your identity
  • Understanding how negative emotions when suppressed cause beliefs, then laws then demons
  • Working with habits and trauma
  • Understanding and healing the deepest root cause of addictions
  • Discovering the connection between ancestral spirits, young children and allergies
  • Exploring the function of different organs and their associated emotions
  • Understanding the art of change
  • The dynamics of love and pain
  • Introducing the point holding process
  • The art of receiving and possible reactions to the healing stages
  • The role of the point holders and how they also heal
  • Discover the ‘glue’ that holds the illusion together — and how to unstick it!
  • Understanding power and responsibility
  • Love and enthusiasm

MODULE 8 — Preparation for Point Holding

In this module you will overcome the weapons of control and the veils to perception. This is also preparation for the in-person point holding course.

  • Learn the 8 weapons of control which can bend our will — and our spine
  • The importance of decalcifying the spine - for manifestation as well as pleasurable purposes
  • Introducing cranial work which can release memories all at once rather than individually
  • The 7 Veils of Perception which filter our experience and limit our spiritual awareness and magick


  • Joining the Ultimate Healing Part 2 with Upgraded Body Electronics Online
  • Further upgrades and attunements
  • Recommended reading and resource

Webinar Series

An important support to your learning experience are the pre-recorded webinars lasting around 90 minutes which focus on particular modules of the course. As well as going into more detail on some aspects of the course, these webinars include Questions and Answers and hot-seat coaching with participants.

Hot Seat Coaching

This is where I guide volunteers individually through some of the exercises and meditations. These are extremely valuable to both those in the hot seat and those witnessing. I generally run a live series of webinars once a year from January to June. If you enrol in this course outside of that time, you are welcome to join the next series of live webinars at no additional cost.


Recordings of the following webinars are included at the end of the appropriate module.

Orientation Call

Modules 1&2 + Dis-creation

Modules 3,4 & 5 + Dual creations

Self-reflection process

Modules 6,7 & 8 + Shadow

Aftercare - how are you?

Your Instructor

Peter Aziz
Peter Aziz

I am Peter Aziz, a healer, magician, and hereditary shaman. I have spent my whole life training in shamanism, healing, yoga, magick, and metaphysics, and learning from the faery kingdom.

I have dedicated myself to bringing the ancient wisdom to the public, to help all spiritual seekers to further themselves, and to healing the impossible. I run workshops on healing, magick and shamanism, where I initiate my students into these powerful traditions.

In my healing practice, I combine many of these techniques, specializing in the most difficult cases that have not been able to find relief anywhere else.

My mission is to make the greatest magickal secrets from all over the World available to all seekers, and to expand the possibilities of what can be healed. The shamanic traditions which I draw from include Kahuna, Pueblo Indian, Vedic, Dragon & Faery Magick, Vodou, Javanese, Atlantean, Egyptian Magick and more.

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Course Curriculum

  MODULE 3 — Dis-creation, Beliefs & Choices
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days after you enroll
  MODULE 4 — Nutrition & The Healing Crisis
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Feedback from previous students on the Ultimate Healing Part 1 - Online:

It's so much more enjoyable & faster to learn sharing experiences in a community. Peter's Meditations are precious gifts. It's impossible to see my future life & development without them.”

“I feel that this is a ground-breaking revolution in the history of Body Electronics!”

“In this supported framework for us to do the work at a distance, Peter has laid out a complete map for awakening consciousness.”

“Wisdom and accumulation of integrated knowledge that exists nowhere else. Just outstanding level of wisdom and healing advice.”

“Thank you very much for this very helpful course. It really helps me to understand how everything fits together such as how the problems are hidden away and impact my life. Then the candali practices are easier for me to integrate.”

“It is exciting to see how Peter has evolved the teachings to meet the needs of the times we are living in! Just as I was wondering how on earth I would manage without Pointholding, (as dealing with some major health issues,) this course appeared!”

“It has been brilliant! My house is sold and I have found a new one to move to, I am about half way though the process, all going well. I released the emotions linked to the house and my ex partner and then things began to shift. Thank you - this course has helped me change my life, I feel I have so much still to do but the massive issue of being stuck in a house I hated full of negative energy and memories, and feeling attached to my abusive ex forever is being resolved and I am looking forward to the future for the first time in ages!”

“Great and very very interesting. I did the course in Devon before in 2018 but did not remember very much of the theory and mantras etc. So the online course added so much information and trust to do it on my own. Thank you for that.”

"I was attracted to doing Peter’s courses because I witnessed the transformation brought about in a close friend who had been training with him. I have now done a number of the courses available, including Ultimate Healing and am experiencing that transformation for myself. I feel that the techniques are helping me get to the root causes of issues that have worn me down for decades. I am finally finding the tools to step into my power and create a future of my choosing. I have done in depth shamanic training before but these courses are taking me to a whole different level.
The courses are very well laid out and I like the mix of live workshops, videos, text and guided meditations which all work together very well. Peter is also accessible when you need extra support or guidance. Peter is the real deal, it is inspiring to be connected with someone who has his level of expertise. Thank you Peter for your dedication to healing, your generosity in sharing your knowledge & truly empowering others." Liz, Nurse & Therapist, UK

"I can recommend everyone to do this course, even if you ‘ve already done a lot off work with yourself. This course deepens your relation with yourself. I have experienced deep healing, trauma release and transformation. I’m in a relaxed zone with myself at this moment. Very cool. I was most surprised about the effectiveness and simplicity of Peter's methods to solve some of my deepest triggers and fears. I’m also very proud off myself, that I went for it. All my intentions (and wishes) I wrote down before the start of this course came out! I’m in a much better place with myself in comparison with one year ago. Also my selfconfidence and self image have grown in a positive way. I really like the self-reflection steps, meditations etc… Peter has taught us. I can use all the new skills in my daily life, thank you! Very worth the money." Esther, 49, The Netherlands

Testimonials from participants of the Body Electronics Ultimate Healing Course:

"The Body Electronics course provided me with incredibly valuable knowledge, transformation, and awakening that I will take with me throughout my journey as a healer and human on this planet. I received so much more than I possibly could have anticipated before going into this training. My ability to manifest has increased exponentially. My mental, emotional, and physical health became much better. I feel more connected to myself, my power, and spirit than ever before. Working with Peter opened me up in a really big way. He has been the most profound teacher and catalyst for growth that I have crossed paths with so far in my life. I can’t put into words how grateful I am to have joined this training and for all of the teachings and guidance Peter has provided me with."

Larkin, 22, USA

"Both Peter and the Body Electronics course were recommended to me by a very close friend. I was very keen to experience working and healing with a Shaman. My intention was to improve the quality of my life, clear blockages and gain a sense of fulfillment. I had no idea what to expect or the intense level of impact this course was going to have on my life. Since working with Peter in general, and attending the body electronics, my life has shifted dramatically in a direction I never thought existed. My awareness and knowledge of the world of magick and healing has increased, I have tools I can use multiple times a day to help me continue to clear, heal and evolve.

"My level of consciousness has spiked, my clairvoyance abilities have opened, my life path has unfolded. It's safe to say that life will never be the same again and I don't want it to. I'm happier, healthier, calmer, fulfilled, challenged, aligned and looking forward to the future. Those who attend this course can expect radical shifts in their mindsets, health and perceptions if they embrace the process during and after the course and allow the magick to work. Peter is the most genuine, supportive, compassionate and authentic teacher I have ever experienced. I highly value and am grateful for his contributions to the world and what he strives for."

Carrie Brightwell, 40, Holistic Healer, UK

"I have participated in Peter Aziz's Body Electronics: ultimate healing course for two years in a row and I am planning to keep coming back to it. The depth of healing and extent of transformation that takes place in this course combined with the wealth of information presented, was life changing for me. I was able to release blockages, negative patterns and emotions that were holding me back my whole life. Working with and learning from Peter is a joyful, expansive transformative magickal journey. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for real healing and growth in both their spiritual but also scientific understanding of reality."

Eirene Shamma, 38, Architect, Thailand

"I have done a few courses with Peter, workshop and home study as well. I enjoyed Body Electronics workshop it was great experience, and healed my life in deep level. I`ve started believing myself and I was able change my diet for healthier one. Inspired me to study Iridology. I recently did Psychic protection course, and Abundance course, and my business is picking up more. Thank you Peter"

Magdolna, 60, Detox Specialist, UK

"After trying many healing modalities and workshops, I have to honestly say that the point holding course I did with Peter has been the most transformational 3 weeks I could have ever imagined. It was at one moment a few months after the course that I suddenly noticed how much my life had improved in such a short space of time since completing the course.I would highly recommend this to anyone and do regularly."

Chris, 34, Retired, Thailand

"I first did the Body Electronics course a few years ago, and not only did I learn what was literally the most powerful hands-on energy healing technique I've ever heard of (by far!), the way I understood how energy, magic, and reality in general all worked was transformed, and my approach at personal development evolved immensely. It was such an incredible experience that I came back to do the same course again several years later. Peter is the genuine article. I have met a lot of Shamans and gurus over the years, but no one like him. Trust me, you'll come out of this workshop with a lot more than a simple healing method. you'll leave with a whole new understanding and perspective of reality and how true healing really works, you'll understand it at its core!

"P.S. If there are any other courses being offered at the same time (which there usually is) I HIGHLY recommend participating. All of Peter's courses are more than worth it!"

Tyler Strasser, 33, Massage Therapist, USA

“Body Electronics is without doubt the deepest healing , changing things permanently and uncovering the shadow you could never know existed. The way Peter holds these intensives is incredible, the dissertations are like rewriting your life guidebook , the attunements and teachings are a solid foundation for healing yourself and others in the future and the wealth of insight and wisdom Peter freely gives is invaluable. The healing received from the Body Electronics has proven itself to be lasting and life changing ….I can only really say it has changed my world. I’m grateful to Peter for holding these courses with the highest level of integrity and shamanic ability in such a unique and joyful way.

“There is no way to know what will come up in the sessions whether it is clearing apathy ; which I’ve never seen addressed in other healing but has been a huge cleanup for me, or releasing shame, bringing back power I've given away or going into past lives and redressing the issue in this lifetime. The clearing of conditioning has been so ultimately freeing…..and met with inspired enthusiasm and joy however uncomfortable it may feel.

“I have attended BE now for 10 years and also taken many other courses with Peter Aziz and have found all his work to have profound lasting effects. I can completely recommend Body Electronics and his multitude of other work …. A true master and the real deal.”

S.R. Healer, Thailand

"This course is life changing. We all need healing and this is an incredibly effective route. I have seen lives changed round for the better from it including my own. I couldn't be more grateful for the teaching received."

Barbara, 80, retired teacher, UK

This is what one previous long-term Ultimate Healing Intensive student wrote after participating in the introductory promotional webinar:

I feel that this is a ground-breaking revolution in the history of Body Electronics!This introduction shows us how we can access the most powerful healing system on the planet by bringing the power of Pointholding into our own hands. We can now do the real work of Pointholding, without needing to hold the points. This leads us deep into the mystical truth of Body Electronics. As it is not always possible to get to the course, the inner work becomes the more real as we let go of attachment to space, time and body. Paradoxically, the body then heals faster!

“In this supported framework for us to do the work at a distance, Peter has laid out a complete map for awakening consciousness.

“Peter transmits an extraordinary vibration of Kundalini fire of unconditional love, to every participant throughout the course, as he weaves together Shamanism, Science, Quantum Physics, Tibetan Heat Yoga, Meditation and more, as he reveals the mystical art of dissolution of all our pain, of all that no longer serves us, so that we can go back to being Sovereign Creators of the world we Want to live in!

“If we are stuck at home dealing with various restrictions to our freedom, to me it feels urgentto go on an online magickal adventure into our deepest darkness, the chaos of winter and liberate ourselves from all the oppression.”

MM, UK, Healer

Summary of What’s Included in the Course

  • ‘Lifetime’ access to written teachings and exercises, audio meditations & attunements - 8 Modules
  • Accompanying pre-recorded webinar series to explore the material further, answer questions and resolve any issues
  • Membership of private online MeWe group
  • Ability to ask me questions privately via the teaching platform messenger
  • Ability to join the Ultimate Healing Part 2 with Upgraded Body Electronics Online course or an In-person Body Electronics Intensive should you wish to

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The online course starts now and never ends! If you wish to participate in Ultimate Healing Part 2 with Upgraded Body Electronics Online which will likely start in July 2023, you will need to have completed this course before then.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Do I need to have any previous experience with healing or shamanism to benefit from this course?
This course is suitable for those new to healing and/or shamanism as well as those with experience.
What if I have questions about the course content?
You can post comments and queries in the relevant modules and I will answer them. If you have a private question, you can use the Contact Form and I will reply to your email address. You can also ask questions in our Ultimate Healing private online MeWe group or in the monthly general Q&A calls I offer.
Is this course useful if I have already participated in the in-person Body Electronics Ultimate Healing Intensive?
Yes! Now seems like a good time to remind yourself how to journey to Creator to command the dis-creation of all you don't want in your life and to remember your sovereignty. Or how about reminding yourself of the potential upside of moving through crisis and how to move through and release difficult emotions according to the 7 levels of healing? The course is regularly updated with new teachings and empowerments so you will most-likely find something new. The written teachings, exercises and guided audio meditations and empowerments allow you to go deeper into your healing process whenever you wish and/or will support you if you are a healing practitioner wishing to use these techniques. You will also be able to participate in the live webinar series to go deeper and have your questions answered and will also be part of the private online community group. If you have not already received an email with a discount code for previous participants, please contact me at [email protected]
What dates are the live webinar series and at what time of day?
The next series of live webinars is likely to be January to June 2023. Live webinars are on Saturdays, approximately once a month and will generally last around 90 minutes. They start at 2pm UK time, 9am EST to accommodate the majority of students. Replays of all webinars will be available in the course portal and can be watched at any time.
When is the next scheduled Ultimate Healing Part 2 with Upgraded Body Electronics Online course?
The next Ultimate Healing Part 2 with Upgraded Body Electronics Online course will likely start in July 2023.

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