Taking Back Power

Taking Back Power

In order to manifest the abundance we desire, it is important to take back all lost power. We need our power to manifest our dreams.

There are 8 basic weapons of control by which people have taken our power:

  1. The first weapon is force. Originally this meant using armies to control people, but today the government still use the police force in the same way. In the same way, we are bullied by people throughout our lives, starting when we are small and helpless, to get us under control.
  2. The second weapon is fear. Initially the fear was of violence, but then the leaders learned that people could be manipulated more subtly and therefore more easily by acting on the fear of the unknown, of insecurity or of disapproval.
  3. The third weapon is guilt. This happens a lot with individuals in your life, as people soon learn they can control your behaviour by making you feel guilty. This often comes by exaggerating the impact of your actions, so they make you believe they are hurt when you don't behave in the way they wish you to. It is also set up by creating a standard of behaviour and then making you feel wrong anytime you don't live up to that standard.
  4. The fourth weapon is approval. We all have a need for love, and this often gets distorted into a need for approval. With that need, it is easy for people to manipulate us through disapproval. The need to be approved of forces you to act in ways you might not agree with. You will find yourself sacrificing all your power and freedom to the one whose approval you seek.
  5. The fifth weapon is lying or withholding information. When you don't have the right information, you are unable to make the best choice for your own highest good. A simple example is when a spouse lies about infidelity, robbing you of the choice to be in an uncommitted relationship or not.

6.      The sixth weapon is duty and honour. Honour can be a wonderful value but is often twisted to be used against you. We get conditioned into a false sense of fairness that makes us give away our money and energy. By being told we have a duty to our country, we give away all our energy, power and money to those in charge. Many are even conned into giving away their lives in war, thinking they are fulfilling a duty to the country, when it is really simply for the profits of those who already hold all the money.


7.      The seventh weapon is altruism. This again can be a wonderful value but is often twisted to manipulate us. It is natural for us to have compassion and therefore consider other needs apart from our own, but through this we are conned into thinking that to focus on our own happiness is selfish and therefore sinful. It is this illusion that leads us to believe that man is here to serve, so we spend our lives working hard with no thought of reward. Religions have largely been controlled by the same leaders to totally condition us into this attitude of servitude. When such a lie becomes a religious ideal, we are totally controlled so that we readily give away all the fruits of our labour, supposedly to the whole, but actually to a few super-rich leaders. When a few individuals show a spark of independence and try to retain some of their harvest, the state is granted full power to hunt them down, crush them and confiscate everything.


8.      The eighth weapon is image manipulation. This weapon is particularly powerful because most people are not happy with the way they are. When we are taught a set of standards to live up to, we can be made to feel bad when we don't live up to them. We can be told we are unspiritual if we show anger in asserting our boundaries, or if we look after our own needs instead of sacrificing everything to someone else.

When you realize how much of your power has been taken from you throughout your life, it is no wonder that you are no longer able to create the reality you desire. And so, the magic and metaphysics don't seem to work. The first thing we need to do, therefore, is take back all the power we have lost. Luckily there is a simple method for doing this.

As we recognize where we lost it, we draw a circle around ourselves, call the other person to the edge of the circle, and take back our power. You may see it as a ball of light, or some symbolic form.

Greater power is given away through envy. This is a reflection of our light shadow. Extreme power loss leads to rage, which when denied, manifests as low energy and cynicism. The rage is our power animal in survival mode. We need to feed it and befriend it, then let it help us take power back. We journey past our jealousy, envy and sorrow, to the lair of the beast, which we feed, form an alliance with, then lead it out into the open, to take power back. It then manifests as assertiveness.

Apart from taking back the power stolen from you, you also want to take back the power you have given away through jealousy and envy. Your jealousy is a pointer to your limited beliefs. Instead of fighting it, release the beliefs and laws behind it. When you are jealous of what someone else has, you are affirming that you cannot have that, thus giving away your power to manifest it. Be sure to take back power from everyone you have been jealous of.


Exercise 11: Meditation to Take Back Your Power

In this meditation, you are going to take back power from those who have taken it from you. You can follow this meditation or use the description below.

 Refer to Audio 17 for the ‘Take Back Your Power’ Meditation  

Close your eyes and relax, forget about the world around you, then let your mind dwell on some inner reality. It might be some beautiful place in nature where you imagine yourself to be, or just in a dark room. In this place, you are going to imagine that you are holding a stick of birch or oak, which ever feels better. With this stick draw a circle of focus clockwise on the ground around yourself. 

You are then going to call to the circle people who have taken your power away. They can come to the edge of the circle but can't cross the line. For each person, you are going to recognise the ways in which they have taken your power, then imagine them holding this power as a ball of energy or some symbolic form, and you are going to reach out and take it back. They won't want to give it up freely, but in this circle, truth prevails, so you will win, but might need to wrestle them for it.

You may invite your power animals into the circle to help you with this. Sometimes, when there has been a great loss of power or worth, there is a rage, which is often hidden under cynicism. This can rob you of the power to take back your power. This is where your power animal is very important. Your rage will often manifest as an animal. You should allow this rage to express itself, by letting the animal tear your abuser apart. This won’t harm the other person, but it will enable you to take back all your power. Let the animal at them first, then once they have fallen, take back your power from their fallen remains.

For additional guidance and an additional meditation sound file, download my free Take Back Your Power online course

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As we are dealing with money, the most important people and organizations to take power back from are the bankers. They have set up a monetary system that keeps you struggling, and making money so real that you lose all your other dreams in your need for it.


Exercise 12: Meditation to Take Back Power from Bankers

Listen to audio 17 in exercise 11 and follow the guided meditation. This time, imagine all of the world’s bankers outside your circle, or imagine the eggregore of bankers in whatever form you feel appropriate, and see yourself taking back every last bit of your power and magick that they have taken from you.

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