Darkness Course

Exploring the depths of ego, shadow and darkness to gain full mastery of your inner power

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Do you feel you are failing continually in one or many areas of your life - perhaps financially, in your love life or in your personal or spiritual development? Maybe you feel stuck, unable to move forward, with constant obstacles and repeated problems that just won’t go no matter what you do? Maybe you blame or punish yourself for your ‘mistakes’?

If this sounds at all familiar, it’s time to be guided into the darkness where you can face and embrace your shadow, discover the Dark Law that’s sabotaging your success and heal the Nemesis that punishes you. This Darkness Course introduces you to the dark elemental beings of the void who help you navigate your unconscious and heal at the deepest level so that you can be free to live your life on purpose.

Introducing my Darkness Course

In this course we are delving into darkness to work with shadow and the dark elemental beings which help us remove our most stubborn blocks to success.

There is already much lightwork and Law Of Attraction / manifestation teaching available, but for many people, this isn’t working as the teaching does not recognise and deal with the blocks that frustrate and stop people from living the lives they dream of. This Darkness Course provides the crucial missing element. It guides us to go deeper into our problem areas and blocks, to look at our shadow , subconscious blocks and restrictions. We encounter and heal our ego, shadow and Nemesis and meet the Dark Elves who specialise in the dark areas and unconscious. They take us to where our hidden laws exist and teach us how to break things down and release their hidden powers, journeying beyond death to where our fears are stored.

The shadow holds everything we deny about ourselves, not just the dark aspects. Extra tools are needed to help us find the things we have pushed away - our most critical areas. The main reason people are still failing is because there is one area they don’t want to look at and this is usually holding the key to all their obstacles.

If there is something in our life that is not working, repeated obstacles, something that never works, when we release these critical blocks, the problems vanish and we become freer in ourselves and can grow faster.

Dark elves are elementals of the void - they exist in the unconscious place beyond form - they understand breaking down and building, the formation of the mind, laws, structures and habits. When we form an alliance with Dark Elves, we have mastery of our unconscious and can break our laws and deep sabotaging beliefs. It becomes easier to understand ourselves and our shadow more deeply; easier to let go of death and the illusory nature of the world so that we have more control over it - we put ourselves in a place of mastery. Dark Elves are our main guides in this work - we learn their language (Runes), their spells and work with them in the underworld to help us break down our Dark Law and habits. If you feel ready for this deep work, even if you are afraid (especially if you are afraid!), the Darkness Course, with its magickal tools, meditations, empowerments and live support, will guide you to a place of self-mastery and freedom to create the life you desire.

Course Overview

This course deals with the ego and the shadow, and teaches you to explore the depths of your own darkness to gain full mastery of your own inner power. You will find and break the dark laws that have imprisoned your power. When this is done, major blocks vanish from your life, and transformation and manifestation of your dreams can go forward at an amazing pace. You will also deal with your personal Nemesis; which is at the root of self limitation. You will meet and work with the dark elves, to help break down illusion and limitation. There will be powerful journeys with the dark elves to break down all the blocked and stagnant energy built up from past failure, hopelessness and cynicism. You will also learn their runes, which can produce great transformation and open up hidden power.

The Darkness Course was previously available on my website as a Home-study course and has been upgraded with an improved course manual and some newly-recorded meditations in addition to the audio recordings made from my live weekend workshop.

If you have taken the course as a live workshop or as a home-study course direct from my azizshamanism.com website, you can purchase this upgraded online version at a significant discount by emailing me at [email protected] Please mention the date and location of the live workshop or send the PayPal receipt for the purchase of the home-study version.

Who is this Course for?

EVERYONE! Given that the current global situation is a result of unintegrated shadow, the more people working on their shadow, limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns, the better.

This course is for more specifically for you if you:

  • Feel you are failing again and again in one or more areas of your life
  • Feel stuck and unable to move forward
  • Have repeating problems and obstacles that won’t go away
  • Feel you are punishing yourself for your ‘mistakes’
  • Are afraid of your shadow side
  • Are afraid of death
  • Need help to face things you feel are blocking you but are hidden in your unconscious
  • Want to be more successful with manifesting your desires
  • Want to tap the vast power and potential held by your shadow
  • Are running limiting patterns based on childhood beliefs e.g. laws of servitude, poverty, self-denial
  • Are frustrated with psychological approaches to your problems that don’t bring results
  • Are ready to take responsibility for your life and change it
  • Are seeking depth and mystery to bring a greater level of power to your magick
  • Are needing to dissolve bindings or other restrictions
  • Are wanting to heal and mature your ego
  • Are wanting to have mastery over your unconscious so you can break sabotaging beliefs
  • Are wanting to break bad habits
  • Are new to shamanism or are experienced

N.B. If you do not have previous experience with shamanic journeying, I highly recommend you first complete my short Underworld Journeying course (also available in German) in order to receive the most benefit from this Darkness Course.

How to Use this Course

This online course consists of a detailed manual together with guided meditation and empowerment audios. Together, these comprise the core teachings of the course. For additional context and some participant questions, we have also included the audio recordings of a previous live workshop. Whilst the audio quality on these live recordings is variable, many people find them a useful addition to the main course teachings.

You are able to receive the empowerments by listening to the audio recordings. Occasionally (where indicated in the text) empowerments are given via an orb which is sent out to you with the course. It is stored in an energy ball which will activate when you do the meditation. At the appropriate places in the course, you can stop and meditate and call in the empowerment, just by making an affirmation that you are doing so. Then just sit and meditate as the empowerment works on you. Some of the empowerments have mantras or prayers to recite, which can be done after the meditation.

Live sessions - there are 2 live sessions with Peter to support and coach you with the exercises and also a Questions & Answers live session - all on Zoom. These will be recorded if you can't attend live.

Benefits of Following this Course

  • Learn how to identify and mature your ego
  • Learn the 7 stages of soul development and how exploration of the shadow is integral to them
  • Access profound self-healing on physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels
  • Become invulnerable to lower energies by working with the Dark Elves
  • Access greater stillness and ability to go deeper in meditation and to fully access your inner power
  • Become comfortable with the void and chaos so you can access its great potential
  • Discover and destroy your Dark Law so you break free from restrictions
  • Work with Dark Elves to break bad habits
  • Receive the Black Flame empowerment and use it for purification of your aura, cleansing a space, destroying enemies and for protection
  • Meet the dragon of the void to be attuned to limitlessness
  • Learn the Dark Elf Runes and master their powerful principles
  • Journey to the Temple of Nemesis and put an end to self-punishment
  • Understand and work with the stages of change and forgiveness
  • Keep yourself free of restrictions by using the Black Flame empowerment and journeying to the Dark Elves
  • Manifest more easily by releasing restrictions and limitations
  • Deepen your understanding of the illusory nature of the world and release your fear of death

A Closer Look at Some of the Elements of the Course

Exploring and Harnessing the Power of Our Shadow

The cause of our most stubborn repeated problems lies in the things we are unwilling to face. Yet, when we understand the mechanisms at work here, it becomes easy to face our inner nature and finally heal. There are a number of mechanisms to look at. Shadow work will be the first thing to get us into the habit of looking within.

Our shadow exists to hold sacred every part of ourselves so that we don’t lose any part; we end up whole. Anything we deny about ourselves will come at us from the outside. This is how our shadows show us what we are missing. This isn’t necessarily negative, as we deny both positive and negative things about ourselves.

If you fight your shadow you will always lose. On the other hand, if you make peace with your shadow, you win at everything.

The Darkness Course contains exercises and meditations to help understand your shadow and form an alliance with it. Owning your Shadow is not about trying to contain it; it means harnessing and directing its power. Making peace with your Shadow won’t make it go away; it makes it more conscious. The Shadow contains the lost depths of soul and spirit. Everything you deny will come at you from the outside, and this is the greatest key to working with the Shadow, as what you most resist in others holds the greatest potential for growth.

Finding and Destroying our Dark Law

A huge block that holds many people back is what I call the Dark Law. This often forms in childhood to make sense of the chaos. When we accept something as law, we stop fighting and learn to live with it. We use this to numb the pain. If we try to break this law, it punishes us. A common example is the law of servitude that I have observed in many healers. The law that you are here to serve others, so never have anything for yourself. This can form in childhood when you are brought up in lack, but are burdened by responsibility, so you accept the fact that others get things that you don’t, and your place is to help others. When this law is healed, people start to fully enjoy life for the first time, and have all the things they didn’t have before: abundance, love, joy etc.

Psychology doesn’t seem to touch such depths. It takes a magickal process to heal at this level. This is because psychology only deals with the mind, and doesn’t like to talk about the soul, so has no way of understanding the needs or workings of the soul. Magick tends to deal with deeper workings of the unconscious and the soul. There are some things that can’t be healed without magick as they require intervention from higher levels of consciousness.

In this course, we use exercises, guided meditations, empowerments and the assistance of Dark Elves to help us find and dissolve our Dark Law.

Meeting and Working with Dark Elves

Dark Elves are the elementals of the void - the Akasha. They exist in the Ginnungagap, or magickally charged void. This is a Norse term; it shows that the void isn’t just empty, but has magickal potential. From here, everything is created. Dark Elves work in the area where form is first building, a flame being on the edge of formation where formlessness is turning into form. Their energy is part of building and structuring in nature, — it is responsible for the restructuring of our cells as well as building fixed forms in the mind called laws.

They are not evil, as some legends would have you believe, but being of void, their energy is destructive to all lower energies; all that is unreal and impermanent, such as thought forms, ideas, concepts, beliefs, laws, and even life. The nature of this energy is that anything of the lower planes that comes into contact with it will be destroyed. The Dark Elves’ purpose is to guard the sacredness of the mystery, and also to build form. The Akasha is where all things have their first conception. To embrace Dark Elves is to shift your identity away from the illusion to a deeper level of creation.

In the Darkness Course, we meet the Dark Elves by first journeying to the Underworld, then journeying beyond death. We journey again to the Dark Elves to enlist their help in destroying our Dark Law and also work with the Black Flame which is their main power source.

Black Fire Metaram Empowerment

This empowerment helps to clear all of your kundalini channels such as your sushumna channel, nadis and chakras. The black fire nature of the empowerment means it has the black fire energy in it which clears all laws and bindings, anything that has restricted you including all eggregores, karmic webbing, habits and curses. This is an upgrade to the kundalini. There are different types of binding you will be dissolving through the Black Fire Metaram — some cast on you by magicians, others that exist as a natural energy in the Universe.

Healing the Nemesis

The Nemesis is the part of you that punishes you to right some wrong; i.e. mistakes you have made, debts you owe, failures etc. The concept of having to be punished for our wrongs has gone deep into the unconscious. Later it showed itself as a punishing God, Lords of Karma etc. It is what keeps us in our self-punishment patterns even when we would like to forgive ourselves. Our inner critic gets distorted by it, and causes us to always see ourselves as defective.

Notice how much of your creative energy goes into negative self-talk and limited dreams. In retribution, it takes from us, from the heart of our desire, happiness, need to be loving, from our drive, success and abundance, and our sense of self.

To heal the Nemesis, you need to first recognise it then understand how it works, take your power back from it and release it. To do this, we go on a guided journey to the Temple of Nemesis where we also meet and work with our Higher Self.

Your Instructor

Peter Aziz
Peter Aziz

I am Peter Aziz, a healer, magician, and hereditary shaman. I have spent my whole life training in shamanism, healing, yoga, magick, and metaphysics, and learning from the faery kingdom.

I have dedicated myself to bringing the ancient wisdom to the public, to help all spiritual seekers to further themselves, and to healing the impossible. I run workshops on healing, magick and shamanism, where I initiate my students into these powerful traditions.

In my healing practice, I combine many of these techniques, specializing in the most difficult cases that have not been able to find relief anywhere else.

My mission is to make the greatest magickal secrets from all over the World available to all seekers, and to expand the possibilities of what can be healed. The shamanic traditions which I draw from include Kahuna, Pueblo Indian, Vedic, Dragon & Faery Magick, Vodou, Javanese, Atlantean, Egyptian Magick and more.

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Summary of what you get

  • Comprehensive course manual
  • Audio recordings of lectures and guided meditations
  • Magickal attunements
  • 2 live webinars to support and coach you going through the course exercises
  • Live Q&A webinar
  • Email access to Peter
  • Access to private community forum

Course Reviews

"I have read about and been involved in several workshops and courses about the Shadow Self and our self-imposed limitations, but this is by far the most effective, thorough, and powerful course that I have taken on the subject. From the meditations to the attunements, the tools are profound, clear and easy to understand. The breakdown of the Underworld, Void, subconscious and anatomy of our 'Shadow World' and its being gave a clear pathway to liberation unlike anything I had experienced prior. I felt emancipated halfway through the course. I can't recommend this course enough. Peter Aziz is a true Master of his craft."

Cazembe 'Rudra' Abena, Healer/Holistic Practitioner, 54, USA

“The Darkness Course is for me the most essential course of all the courses Peter gives. It was the course where I felt the most resistance at the beginning but it has given me so much. Patterns with which I have been struggling for years dissolved and my magic started flowing. Still use the meditations every time when I discover a pattern within myself.”

PS, The Netherlands

“I did the Darkness Course twenty years ago. I want to repeat it now because this work is so essential in the present difficult times. You can try and work on your shadow issues alone but it is so much more effective to do it with the help of guided meditations and Peter's teachings. I came to Peter after receiving two major healings from him. I worked with many healers but have never come across any who came anywhere near his level of healing. I trust him completely and have seen him change many people's lives for the better including those who were suicidal.”

Barbara, 80, Retired Teacher, UK

I found the Darkness Course incredibly powerful. It was such a revelation for me to discover that my shadow was actually a treasure chest of untapped potential rather than something to run from. I’m not saying it was always comfortable, realising that everything I was projecting onto others was actually my own stuff, but it was incredibly empowering and pulled the rug from the victim story. I believe shadow work is crucial for personal and spiritual development - and the craziness in the world today is a result of our unintegrated shadow - so if we want a better world, we can start with understanding and integrating our own shadow. This course with its simple but probing exercises to uncover things buried in the unconscious and powerful meditations and empowerments is excellent for bringing us back to our powerful creative selves

SP, Healer, UK

"The Darkness Course was deeply transformational. Journeying with Peter was profound and through undertaking this course I have been able to shift aspects of my personality that have been stuck for almost 50 years."

Kylee, 50, Engineer/Musician, Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This is a self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Do I need to have any previous experience with healing or shamanism to benefit from this course?
This course is suitable for those new to healing and/or shamanism as well as those with experience. However, if you do not have previous experience with shamanic journeying, I highly recommend you first complete my short Underworld Journeying course (also available in German) in order to receive the most benefit from this Dragon Magick course.
What if I have questions about the course content?
You can post comments and queries in the relevant modules and I will answer them or alternatively ask them in our Community MeWe forum. If you have a private question, you can use the Contact Form or email me. You can also ask questions on the monthly Private Q&A Zoom Calls. We will also be having two live Zoom sessions to support and coach you going through the course exercises where you can also ask questions as well as in the course Zoom Q&A session.
What if I have previously taken the Darkness Course in a different format?
If you have taken the course as a live workshop or as a home-study course direct from my azizshamanism.com website, you can purchase this upgraded online version at a significant discount by emailing me at [email protected] Please mention the date and location of the live workshop or send the PayPal receipt for the purchase of the home-study version.
How long does the course take to complete?
The original course was a 2 day workshop, so in theory you could complete the course in a couple of days. However, you may wish to take longer - perhaps 1-2 weeks or even 1-2 months so that you can go at your own pace, practise the exercises and make use of the live sessions. You will probably find you want to dip back in again periodically as shadow work is ongoing.

See my recent Live Q&A Call where I talk more about the shadow and the Darkness Course.

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