14 August 2021 - Darkness Course Replay

Getting Unstuck: Handling the Dark Forces Within Us. At the start of this call, I talk about how to free ourselves from our limiting programs by embracing our shadow, working with the Dark Law and meeting our Nemesis. I then introduce my new Darkness Course Online and answer your questions about working with darkness and other questions you may have. 

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Previous Students

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Call Highlights

I suggest you read my recent article before watching this call replay:

Getting Unstuck: Removing the Stubborn Blocks to Success


Highlights from the Call

1 min: Importance of shadow work – shadow holds everything we deny – light and dark – whatever we deny on ourselves, comes at us from the outside

Biggest problems arise from something we don’t want to look at – as reflected to us by those closest to us

2 min: Current situation worldwide situation is a result of collective denial of shadow – look at ourselves to see how the patterns play out in our own lives

3 min: Biggest triggers are biggest keys; manifestation practices not working because we first need to remove our blocks

4 min: We also create the negative stuff – so need to look at our hidden thoughts and judgments. How the shadow works and its purpose.

4:50: The purpose of Jealousy

6 min: Dark Law formed in childhood – we punish ourselves if we break it

8 min The true meaning of responsibility

9 min: Dealing with emotions – positive and negative – if we suppress either, is stored in shadow

11:40: Looking after ourselves vs selfishness and greed

12;50: Denying love

13 min: Reflections & Projections & Shadow

15:20: Relationship between Fear and Love

17 min: Owning our own emotions and welcoming them is first step to healing shadow

18 min: Need to be able to dis-create as well as create

19 min: The power of vulnerability

20 min: Allow rather than force – when we fight with the world, it’s always a struggle and there’s always something stronger than you. Realize that force is your creation too, it’s all an illusion and there’s no need to fight anything

21:20 min – Shadow work done in ancient Egypt – Khabit seen as a being – more useful way of working with shadow – personalise it so can make an alliance with it and create and discreate.

23 min – if you deny one side it will always show up – need to face dark as well as light to be whole

25 min – Chauvinism

25:50: Opposites need to work together in balance – e.g., Warrior and Nurturer

26:45: How we do the shadow work

27:30 Confusion over gifts exchanged in meditation – check with your Higher Self

33:45 Can personify your Higher Self and dialogue with it. Build relationship – listen & act on their messages and they will give you more. How real do we make things?

37:30 Basic tools of creation and magick – desire, imagination and expectation – we all have these, just use them more or less effectively

38:30 Caring for others – all an illusion but a good way to express our love

39:50 Shadow vs entity? Purpose of shadow. One of 7 bodies in Egypt

40:45 How is shadow work covered in the Darkness Course? Processes for mastering ego and shadow, plus guided journeys. Course has embedded spells to ensure you succeed.

42:30 Dark Elves

42:50 Nemesis

44:45 Journeying to break down barrier of accumulated doubt resulting from past failures

45:20 2 live webinars included in the course where Peter will guide you through the exercises and be coached

47 min Early Bird Link. Previous Darkness Course students – live workshop or home study can email [email protected] with date and location of the live workshop or their PayPal receipt for the home study course and will be sent a discount link to purchase the course for $27

More Questions:

49 min Difference between demon attack and a shadow being mirrored. Demons and demon trees. Difference between entities and demons. Demons are astral beings with much wisdom – can be good or bad

53:40 – How to deal with very intense emotions

55:05 Dark Law breaking leads to release of emotions that created it - need to keep welcoming the emotion

57:50 Maturing the ego not getting rid of it. Ego is part of separateness – is needed – shows us the content of reality

1:00:10 Do we need to be able to name the emotion if very old?

1:01:15 – Negative emotions attached to viruses?

1:03:30 Diseases and illnesses also a reflection of the shadow

1:04:00 How to release an emotion?


1:05:25 Who is this course for?

1:08:25 Nay-sayers can show us our doubts – don’t need to take their advice but useful to have doubts pointed out so can be released

1:11:50 Can Psionics help with shadow work – can help energetically and make it easier bit doesn’t do the work for you.

1:12:40 – OK to do a pact with demons?

1:13:25 – Distinguishing between your shadow and an other’s when doing healing work? Just deal with your own shadow. Dark Elf spells in the course

1:14:25 If you do shadow work, will the people who cause the problems leave your life?

1:15:00 Is everything outside of you shadow? No. Shadow presses your buttons

1:15:45 Spells and Runes – everything is vibration. Different planes have different vibrations. Runes are building blocks of creation. Dark Elves work in the unconscious so their runes are the building blocks of what forms the unconscious. When we make a spell, we put vibrations together to give a meaning – has an impact. Runic systems – vibration matches the meaning (unlike English) – Dark Elf spell affects the unconscious – affects its resonance and changes it. Spells are a technology that work with intention – changes the resonance

1:18:05 Black flame and black fir to support breaking down of the laws. Kundalini creates light. Black flame breaks down all energies not aligned with our true being – breaks down limiting beliefs

1:20:00 Do we have multiple lives for what we deny in our shadow? New shadow for each life. Parallel lives.

1:21:10 Is course suitable for someone with no experience? Good to do Underworld Journeying Course ($27 English or German) if no previous experience.

1:21:35 Is covid a collective illusion?

1:23:15 What does illusion mean? World is created by our expectation.

1:24:30 Can the Darkness Course techniques be used to coach others? No. Contain embedded magick is better to let them do the course themselves.

1:25:10 Can Peter do distant healing on someone to clear the Dark Law if they don’t know what their Dark Law is?

1:26:25 How do we know if our shadow work is complete or is it ever completed?

1:27:40 When doing a spell, is once enough if results not yet achieved?

1:28:50 Is Mahakali good to work with the shadow?

1:29:20 Please clarify use of different colour flames – violet and black

1:30:35 How to work with Isis and shadow work?

1:32:15 Can Karomah Kabbah empowerment be used to target eggregores to help Mother Earth?

1:33:05 What is the difference between yellow and white kundalini flames?

1:34:40 Can distant healing help with clearing trauma, pain and blocks? Yes, Darkness Course also helps to clear suppressed emotions causing pain and trauma. How does a healer deal with their anger?

1:36:05 Is the completion of the shadow necessary to metamorphosize to the afterlife or does the soul still go half completed?

1:37:15 Would you use Karomah Kabbah for enemies who are putting curses on you?

1:37:40 Please share Early Bird link with friends who you think would benefit from this course. Benefits of the course.

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