5 June 2021 - Faerie Magick Replay

In this Q&A Call, I introduce my Faerie Magick course which I have just launched online. It's currently on offer until 4 July, 2021 and includes the bonus of my Underworld Journeying course which is highly recommended to start with if you don't have previous experience of shamanic journeying.

If you have any questions about the faerie Magick course, please email [email protected]

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Highlights from the Call

Importance of imagination - one of first tools of creation - others are desire, imagination and expectation. Imagination is the first to develop - when babies dream. If doesn’t dream gets seriously ill. Forehead to forehead to transfer dreams to cure sick children.

If we forget life is a dream, we can’t control it - we make world too real so can’t change it.

If no imagination, no desires. If have strong imagination it will rebuild our expectation. So imagination is an extremely important tool for our health and for creating our reality.

Need to nurture our imagination - daytime and nighttime dreams.

Any techniques are to stimulate the 3 tools of imagination, desire & expectation.

Nature stimulates our imagination. Trees also used to heal children - given tree spirits - touch wood. 4 Elementals feed our imagination (earth, water, fire, air) - especially water spirits.

Science we have 4 basic forces of creation - nuclear-strong, nuclear-weak, electromagnetic (water) and gravitational

Energies of nature feeding us not just on physical level, but also magickal

Also connect to world beyond - Magick of the Other 

Magick of our world has 2 types: Sympathetic Magick (act as if - using imagination) and Spirit Magick (calling spirits to intervene or appeasing them)

Nowadays we also have Conscious Creation magick - visualisation etc

Magick of the Other - different tools from our world - e.g gifts of the faeries e.g. control of the elementals, imaginal realm - vast potential

Main difference between our world and other is other has Animism and Dynamism - everything is alive and communication - touch a tree and we can feel its energy

Humans are more stuck in the material realm compared to faeries and djinn - by blending with them, we learn from them, makes our imagination stronger

In Nature, we can step through to the other world where elementals feed us - find the most magickal spot which is a portal. Gnomes give us physical energy, Undines - spiralling fluids (water and blood) - feed our imagination, emotions clarified; Salamanders - fire up passion and will; Sylphs activate intellect.

Church wants to diminish the faerie folk.

Water is the doorway to the other world - allows the mind to expand and travel

Difference between faeries and elementals - parallel worlds coming from the ethers

Faeries have control of time and space - have places of initiation, are shapeshifters according to their mood, more fluid world compared to ours - they have magick and we have technology

Magicians around the world learn from the faeries

22:20 FM course. Very powerful but simple - waking up to our magick. Simple spells using faeries spells and herbs.

Power is part of the illusion - is our dream, don’t need to more powerful than another - no competition. Our resonance is what counts. We are vulnerable to our dreams, so we can allow them to change us.

If we can dream big, we can create big.

When chauvinism suppresses the feminine, it also castrates the masculine. Need to have the 2 polarities to have flow. Energiers of the 7 chakras - female and male. Need Will to focus the energy of the dream

Feminine energy of the dream needs the masculine practical energy and will to manifest. Without will, imagination gets out of control and creates disasters e.g. Atlantis

Dragons live in the liminal - the in between spaces - they can enter every realm. Dragons also have expectation in addition to imagination.

Trees are doorways/bridges to the different realms - they are beyond time and space - trees are all linked to each other. They open the door to the faeries, dragons, elementals

Water that is moving has more undines - fast streams and sea

Places in Cornwall and West Ireland, Java are faerie portals - good place to do vision quests

Mind is a searchlight to reveal your potential - desire can manifest. Be honest what we really desire. Things to enjoy here in this physical world - learn to have fun -which involves learning to awaken our power so that we can create our dreams. Individuality - we can only grow on our own path - desire is needed to guide us. Self reflection process to find our true will.

Faerie friend/guide - we expand by being with them and chatting - they will teach us magick. They live 700-800m years, death is a sacred ritual - still in touch, no fear. Exchange gifts to bring energy back to our world. Just hang out at first. Initiations can come later.

Cornwall - Dozmary Pool past Liskeard and Merlin’s Cave at Tintagel & far west coast Carlesbowl? 1 mile south of Landsend - on the cliffs.

Deva is a local deity of the area (linked to Shining Ones) different to faeries.

Djinns are a parallel race to us like faeries are. Eternal smokeless flame.

Djinn see from the future backwards

Elementals are always present - can call them into a mandala or talisman

Dragon pearls in Java

Art opens door to higher dimensions - brings new things through. Greek muses are faerie beings.

Inelrabia - place where darkness can’t penetrate

Faerie friend looks after us and guides us.

Fairy godmothers - don’t grant wishes, but teach us how to create so we can manifest our own.

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