Dragon Magick

Empowerments to harness the primeval forces of creation and destruction

Are you feeling powerless, alone, lost with no sense of direction, restricted, longing for freedom, afraid of your shadow side, or have forgotten your dreams? Do you need powerful protection or want help in manifesting? Are you fascinated by dragons and wanting to know how to work with their spells and runes? This Dragon Magick course is for you.

A powerful initiation into the magick of these incredible ancient beings. Dragons are the oldest and most primordial form of the Gods, and have a power that is free from the limitations of the lower worlds. By learning their language, runes and spells, their power can be accessed safely and harnessed to change your reality. This involves a life-changing journey to the pure beauty that is the beginning of creation.

Introducing my Dragon Magick Course

Dragons are our strongest helpers and are the highest level of khodam (guardian angel) protecting us from any form of black magick, demon or psychic attack. Dragon empowerments harness the primeval forces of creation and destruction.

Dragons are basically our greatest allies in stepping into our power and making change. Naturally, those who like to keep you powerless make sure that the truth is lost. Dragons get painted as evil, or reduced to story book characters, so nobody remembers what they really are. Dragons represent the most primal life force which has the ability to heal itself, fight off infections, grow and seek fulfilment.

Course Overview

This course creates a strong bond of co-creation with incredibly magickal and powerful beings. Dragons represent the fully risen kundalini; the source of all spiritual attainment. You will meet your personal dragons, as well as be attuned to some Universal Dragon spirits.

There will be initiations and attunements to open you to dragon power, dragon runes and spells, and guided journeys, including a journey to the beauty that sources all creation. This will open you to a magick that can work every time. Dragons provide unmatched protection and can overcome all obstacles. You will be given spells for manifestation, de-manifesting unwanted realities, protection, healing, enlightenment, abundance and ecstasy. You will also gain deep understanding of how we create and dis-create.

Dragons are powerful keepers of the Earth’s energy. Raising them can purify the land of all negative energies and break patterns of ill health and bad luck. Dragon Magick includes many spells and runes which can be employed for many practical purposes.

On this course you will be given high level Indonesian magick dragon empowerments, and will learn to work with these energies to destroy evil and corruption and re-establish health and harmony.

The empowerments will give you a high level of invulnerability against black magick and negative entities, and a great increase in spiritual power.

The Dragon Magick course was previously available on my website as a Home-study course and has been upgraded with an improved course manual and some newly-recorded meditations in addition to the audio recordings made from my live weekend workshop.

If you have taken the course as a live workshop or as a home-study course direct from my azizshamanism.com website, you can purchase this upgraded online version at a significant discount by emailing me at [email protected] Please mention the date and location of the live workshop or send the PayPal receipt for the purchase of the home-study version.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who is feeling powerless or stuck
  • Anyone feeling lost and directionless
  • Those who have become disconnected from their dreams
  • Those who are afraid of their shadow side
  • Anyone feeling the need for strong protection
  • Those needing help in manifesting
  • Anyone wanting to fight corruption
  • Healers looking for spells to assist their healing work
  • Anyone fascinated by dragons and wanting to work with their magick
  • Those new to shamanism and those with experience

N.B. If you do not have previous experience with shamanic journeying, I highly recommend you first complete my short Underworld Journeying course (also available in German) in order to receive the most benefit from this Dragon Magick course.

Benefits of following this course

  • Learn the dynamics of successful manifestation
  • Learn the art of self-reflection to identify your deepest desires
  • Eliminate negative future possibilities and energise positive futures
  • Create a co-creator relationship with your personal dragons so you can call on their assistance
  • Receive attunements to powerful universal dragon spirits to protect you and enhance your spiritual development
  • Learn spells for various purposes such as cleansing, protection, healing, enlightenment, wealth and destruction
  • Learn exorcism spells to clear entities
  • Greatly enhance your success using magick by learning how to access and work from a space of pure beauty
  • Learn the 3 dimensions of choice and how to work with Higher Magick
  • Receive the highest level of protection

How to use this course

This online course consists of a detailed manual together with guided meditation and empowerment audios and some short videos. Together, these comprise the core teachings of the course. Also included are audio recordings of the original live workshop for added context and participant questions.

You are able to receive the empowerments by listening to the audio recordings. Occasionally (where indicated in the text) empowerments are given via an orb which is sent out to you with the course. It is stored in an energy ball which will activate when you do the meditation. At the appropriate places in the course, you can stop and meditate and call in the empowerment, just by making an affirmation that you are doing so. Then just sit and meditate as the empowerment works on you. Some of the empowerments have mantras or prayers to recite, which can be done after the meditation.

It is important to go through the course in the order given as some of the earlier empowerments are pre-requisites of empowerments later in the course.

A closer look at some of the elements of the course

The Laws of Dragon Magick, Successful Manifestation & Freedom

Learn the 3 Laws of Dragon Magick. These laws help you to maximise your potential with the magick and give you the keys to successful manifestation. Dragons are the raw powers of creation and dis-creation. Exposure to them changes your resonance so that both creation and dis-creation become easy and natural. As they exist in a place beyond limitation, freedom is also part of their nature. As you work with them, restrictions naturally fall away, and you become more aware of your power to shape your life as you want it.

We also explore Higher Magick and the 3 Dimensions of Choice – understanding this will help you see what you need do to ensure your choices are empowered and sustainable. No more abandoned New Year resolutions! We look at right choice, wise choice and willed choice.

The Self-Reflection Process and Weeding & Cultivating Futures Meditation

The Self-Reflection process allows you to take any area of your life and, through a series of questions, discover your luminous intent (or deepest desire) – you may be surprised. When you go through the self-reflection process multiple times you will find that your Luminous Intent is similar, coming close to your True Will. You will be changing more and more situations and getting closer to your destiny and the full life that you really want.

Dragons see cause coming from the future rather than the old Newtonian idea of cause and effect. They help us let go of trying to fix our past or punish ourselves for it, leaving us free to create from the future. Working with the understanding of future causality, we use the Weeding & Cultivating Futures meditation to actively disengage the future we don’t want and energise the potential future we do want. Imagine how powerful this could be - not only in creating the personal future you want but also in shaping our global future in challenging times such as these.

Makuto Nogososro (Crown of the Dragon)

This is the ultimate in Dragon empowerments. Makuto Nogososro is a very high initiation of Javanese magick. The Dragon with a Crown is the highest form of Khodam, much stronger than an angelic Khodam, and over a thousand times stronger than reiki. This gives you absolute power of protection, exorcism, breaking curses, healing, and provides a constant source of magickal development. It includes advanced powers such as taking the power of a rival magician, and clearing the links caused by being sacrificed in previous lives. Once one has this power, all Dragon magicks can be accessed.

Naga Bajra (Thunder Dragon)

A very protective dragon, that clears you of all magickal attacks, weakens opponents, and destroys negative entities. It protects from slander and theft, brings family harmony, and also gives the power punch, which causes enemies to fall unconscious.

Naga Digdaya (Powerful Dragon)

The purpose of this Dragon is to give a strong boost to all occult powers. It increases invulnerability, intuition, protection and magickal power, and gives high charisma and personal magnetism.

N.B. The total cost of buying these three Dragon Empowerments separately would be £360 ($495).

Personal Dragons

There are several power points in the body which have dragons associated with them. We will do meditations to awaken each one. We start with the right brain, as this is the first step to shift into a more intuitive and magickal consciousness. You are also guided to meet your Third-Eye Dragon, Heart Dragon, Aura Dragon and your Hara Dragon. Becoming a co-creator with your personal dragons magnifies your magickal powers.

More Dragon Magick - Spells, Runes and Language

This course includes the dragon runes and language, with some spells for various purposes, such as cleansing, protection, exorcism, healing, enlightenment, wealth and destruction. The Dragon language is a primordial language of creation. Speaking it creates ripples across the ethers which allow faster and more powerful manifestation of magick.

One very special virtue of dragons is their link to beauty. Beauty was the first energy the Goddess created to fill the Universe, and is at the root of the deepest magick, which can become unstoppable. Dragons exist in this plane of beauty. One of the important initiations is the journey to beauty, where you find your own expression of beauty, and gain a sense of your eternity. Once you are in touch with this, nothing can hold you back on your spiritual path.

Your Instructor

Peter Aziz
Peter Aziz

I am Peter Aziz, a healer, magician, and hereditary shaman. I have spent my whole life training in shamanism, healing, yoga, magick, and metaphysics, and learning from the faery kingdom.

I have dedicated myself to bringing the ancient wisdom to the public, to help all spiritual seekers to further themselves, and to healing the impossible. I run workshops on healing, magick and shamanism, where I initiate my students into these powerful traditions.

In my healing practice, I combine many of these techniques, specializing in the most difficult cases that have not been able to find relief anywhere else.

My mission is to make the greatest magickal secrets from all over the World available to all seekers, and to expand the possibilities of what can be healed. The shamanic traditions which I draw from include Kahuna, Pueblo Indian, Vedic, Dragon & Faery Magick, Vodou, Javanese, Atlantean, Egyptian Magick and more.

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Course Curriculum

  Dragon Magick Question & Answer Call
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Introduction to Dragons
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Journey to Beauty
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Choice & Higher Magick
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Dragon Runes
Available in days
days after you enroll
  The Dragon Sutra
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Dragon Rune Movements
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Working with Your Dragon Magick
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Questions & Answers
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Next Steps
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Course Reviews

"I thoroughly recommend Peter's Dragon Magick course. I've completed the full Dragon and Faery Magick series and this is my favourite and what I play with the most. My relationship with and connection to the Dragons has deepened immensely and I am very grateful for these beautiful and powerful allies. I use the visualisations and spells for my own personal growth as well as integrating much of what I've learnt in my own therapies practice. I like that I can silently repeat the dragon spells to immediately clear my energy or the energy of a place, to help dis-create unhelpful thoughts and emotions on the spot and to attract Abundance. Membership to Peter's Magickal Students MeWe group comes with this course, so there is always a platform to ask for help beyond completion of this course, which is a great bonus. If you love Dragons, you will love this course." Raye White

“Do not underestimate the power of the dragons. This is a great course, once you feel connected with the dragons you can feel how powerful they are. This course includes many initiations, visualisations and empowerments which all have a great affect. I have done the mantras and the spells for around a week now and I am really noticing a difference.

“What I find with dragons is that they give you the strength to make things happen. I am a very visual and creative person but sometimes I struggle with taking action and getting things done, so this is perfect for me. If someone tries to manifest things purely with force, they will inevitably run into blocks along the way or their health will suffer. It is completely different when you have a strong energy behind you as you are kind of pulled towards the things you want, this is strong magick. Highly recommend.” Joe Brooke

"I have always found dragons fascinating so I was curious how this course might unveil why I resonated with them so much. As the course described what beings Dragons are, the magick they hold and how they could impact my life, it was like everything made sense. The words were very powerful for me and the potential endless. Meeting my Dragons was like I was re-connecting my family that I would forever have contact with moving forward. Reciting the Dragon Sutra gave me such a sense of power.

"Unless things are in your awareness, you are powerless to change them. Since having completed the course my life has been shaken, with all those things that aren't serving me being brought to the surface, giving me the opportunity to remove them. Had this not happened then they would have continued to silently dictate my life, I would have been powerless to make such big changes.

"I co-create with my Dragons every single day, working to create the life that I want. This is a potent and powerful level of magick that has been mystical and dramatic. This course was my first introduction to the power of magick and to the abilities that I have with magick. I would recommend this course to anyone who is curious, who wants a big change in their lives and is not for the faint-hearted, because the Dragons will show you what's not working for you, whether you want to see it or not. But like I said, after awareness comes choice and you can choose what action you wish to take." Carrie, 40, Wellbeing Coach, UK

"I first met Peter 20 years ago when I went for a healing. This healing was incredible - lifting a problem that I had accepted in a past life to restrict my power. I have a powerful collection of crystals and thought I understood magic. However doing this course has not only increased my power and understanding it has made magic so much more real for me. I really feel the dragons and for the first time in my life feel confident in my ability to work real magic. The course itself was simple but the power I know I can game from doing it is infinite. I highly recommend anyone thinking of doing it overcomes their resistance and doesn't wait 20 years like I did. Fantastic experience. Thank you Peter!" Trevor Warren, 53, Carpenter, UK

"I loved the Dragon Magick course with Peter. Dragons have always been magickal mystical creatures for me, but to actually meet my personal dragons in meditation and ride on their back took things to a new dimension. One of the most powerful times, I called upon my dragon was for protection when I inadvertently found myself as a tourist amongst some very dark energy and became quite scared. I called upon my dragon and was relieved and thrilled to find his power surging through me, my body seeming to grow in size as he breathed his fire to clear out the negativity around me.

"I especially appreciate the guided meditations on this course which are profound and enabled me to get more clarity on my purpose and values and learning to work with future causality – quite an eye-opener. There are also numerous dragon magick spells which have extremely practical uses: from speeding up time to protection. Highly recommended." SP, Marketing Consultant/Healer, UK

“I have learned a lot from the Dragon Magick course. I use the spells every day in healing for individuals or for myself. There are spells for: cleansing a house, for tie cutting, for healing, for manifestation, protection, demanifestating unwanted things, protection, exorcism and many more other spells. During the course you learn how to work with the spells, which is very easy. And what is very special: you will meet your personal dragons so that you can work with them! This course will change your life in a positive way. You will grow a lot in your personal power!! Because of that you can use it in healing! And you will see that the results are amazing.

“All the courses with Peter made my power grow. I am standing totally different in my life. One big transformation! When you grow personally you look in a different way to the whole world. Situations in your life are there to give your chances to grow. Finally all the problems are solved because of your personal growth," Gerry Ubels, Shaman, healer, trainer, coach, The Netherlands

" I did the dragon weekend in 2001. I had done the shamanic course the year before and wanted to continue working with Peter, who had given me two major healings before I began working with him. I was lacking in confidence, had low self esteem and was disempowered. I had a victim/martyr approach to life and an aloof control drama to work on. As I progressed my husband said I had changed considerably and I felt much better. I observed other people who were depressed, even suicidal, being healed and start to turn their lives around. Quite apart from the healing value of the course it was also the greatest fun ! I can't wait to meet my dragons again and enjoy another superb online course. Everything is there to refer back to for ever. If you are interested in empowerment and transformation, join this course. Immense gratitude to Peter." Barbara, 60, Retired Teacher, UK

"I have worked with Peter through much of his work over the past 5 years, Dragon Magick was an early part of this, I found the Dragon Magick course to be very empowering, The crown dragon is great for clearing my energy and balancing me, reciting all the mantras will clear me and leave me aligned, I also find the spells are great for clearing myself, a space, and also I use many of them in my healing work with others.
This course is a great investment in yourself, which surely will return the investment manifold in your life." Will, Healer/Teacher, UK

"It took me years to find a teacher like Peter who had advanced content not usually found with other mentors. Peters courses are amazing and his knowledge is beyond excellent. I have advanced into the Dragon realm with confidence and verification of my path... Working with Magick on a daily basis has brought me into a space of near instant manifestation. When this stage of your life starts to happen you realize you are so much bigger and more powerful then ever expected. When you learn how to use your power, you become unstoppable! Truly riveting!! Thanks Peter from my heart to yours!" Debbie Pico, 59, Healer, Coach & Workshop Facilitator, United States

"What I found most fascinating about working with Dragons on Peter's course is that they are offering a magickal and miraculous way of addressing and overcoming "insurmountable" seemingly devastating world events. In my experience, it has been very difficult to deal with this level of corruption and threats to our health and freedom, without magick. I had been struggling a lot with feeling weak and afraid of this attack on humanity.

"When I went to feed and wake up the dragons through meditating and breathing in the Dragon Sutra, they lifted me up out of feeling drained and disempowered, they took me to a place of exhilaration of beauty, they are the power that moved me forward, they carried me into the resonance of the power of creation, changing the neurochemistry of my brain and infusing a new pattern of love, power and ecstasy into my body-mind. As very subtle, beautiful, generous beings of love, they are like primeval forms of God made tangible and accessible to all who seek with a pure heart.

"When I was getting sick from EMF and Smart Technology, I called them in and they taught me how to rebuild my aura, they are now bringing a high level of protection from harm, immunity to disease, and showing me how to feel safe in a dangerous world… a far greater protection than anything I have found in this world.

"When I have felt vulnerable and under threat of destruction both personally and collectively, the strongest thing I’ve done is follow the Dragon’s call to co-creative participation in our evolution out of struggle and hardship; it has brought me an extraordinary power to discreate all the shit and bring accelerated manifestation as a natural, easy process, bringing inner purification of the evil on the earth, fierce knowing of why we are here, and that in this sacred alliance we cannot fail to win the fight." Miriam, 47, Healer, UK

"I did the dragon course a while ago and would love to do this one again. It's great and I use the dragon magic almost everyday. It helps me to do things that makes my life a lot easier." Joyce Sijbring, 39, Trainer & Developer, The Netherlands

"This course is a complete spiritual path that gives a person wisdom to do effective Magick, the power to do it, as well as the tools to change your life and life of others. There are almost no aspects of life this course will not give you the possibility to address." Vladan Jankovic, 45, Artist of the Spirit, Serbia/Portugal

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This is a self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Do I need to have any previous experience with healing or shamanism to benefit from this course?
This course is suitable for those new to healing and/or shamanism as well as those with experience. However, if you do not have previous experience with shamanic journeying, I highly recommend you first complete my short Underworld Journeying course (also available in German) in order to receive the most benefit from this Dragon Magick course.
What if I have questions about the course content?
You can post comments and queries in the relevant modules and I will answer them. If you have a private question, you can use the Contact Form or email me. You can also ask questions on the monthly Private Q&A Zoom Calls.
What if I have previously taken the Dragon Magick course in a different format?
If you have taken the course as a live workshop or as a home-study course direct from my azizshamanism.com website, you can purchase this upgraded online version at a significant discount by emailing me at [email protected] Please mention the date and location of the live workshop or send the PayPal receipt for the purchase of the home-study version.

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